Sports Pigeons of Russia

Sports Pigeons of Russia

There can be no doubt that “Vlekje” was one of the most famous pigeons of the Van Geel strain and pearls in international sport with pigeons.

"Vlekje" was the dream and prototype of the modern pigeon Jan Aarden. It was a very versatile bird with all the good characteristics of the Jan Aarden strain. Being a racing bird, she was a phenomenal and priceless dove. This was evident from his victory for the car in 1984 and the second national Dax.


Later, as a bird with quality, he became famous as the father and grandfather of many excellent pigeons who excelled in marathon races. In 1988, Martha van Geel won the 1st Bergerac in the heavy long-distance race of the Union of South-West District from 2.488 selected racing pigeons from West Brabant.The winning “Bergerac Hen” was the direct daughter of "Vlekje". In 1977, the Kuypers brothers from Neer won a car in National Dax. Their winner was taken out of the half-sister "Vlekje". On the father’s side, "Vlekje" was himself inbred after Dolle, who won a car at National St. Vincent.

1. International Barcelona          

1. National Orange        

1. National Bergerac     

1. National Pau

1. National Marseille     

1. National Perpignan   

1. National Pau

1. International Perpignan         

1. National Valence       

1. National Bergerac     

1. International Champion         

1. International Marseille           

1. National Barcelona   

1. National Barcelona   

1. National St. Vincent 

1. National Perpignan   

1. National Bordeaux    

1. Ace Pigeon Barcelona             

1. National St. Vincent 

1. National Tarbes          

1. National Perpignan   

1. International St. Vincent        

1. International Narbonne         

1. National Bergerac     

1. National Barcelona   

1. National Aurillac         

1. National Palomas      

1. National Agen             

1. International Pau      

1. National St. Vincent 

1. International Pau      

1. National Guernsey   

The most important results of "Dolle" are:

1st    Provincial St. Vincent              1.684 pigeons 980 km

3rd    National  St. Vincent               6.844 pigeons 980 km

1st    Provincial Dax                           1.032 pigeons 970 km

3rd    National  Dax                            3.649 pigeons 970 km

9th    Provincial Limoges                  1.610 pigeons 650 km

12th  National St. Vincent                 6.917 pigeons 980 km

20th  Provincial Chateauroux          2.176 pigeons 580 km

22nd Provincial Chateauroux          2.425 pigeons 580 km

39th  Provincial Moulins                  5.146 pigeons 590 km

59th  Provincial Moulins                  4.612 pigeons 590 km

66th  National Dax                             3.561 pigeons 970 km

"Dollle" was bred from two pure pigeons Jan Aarden through Ligtenberg and Van Agtmaal, both from Steenbergen. The father of "Dollle" was H61-145676, named "Ligtenberg".


The pedigree "Ligtenberg" was never fully traced. Undoubtedly, this excellent pigeon was bred from two pure pigeons, Jan Aarden from Tun Ligtenberg, a man who was a friend of Jan Aarden and who could get what he wanted from the best pigeons of the latter.

"Ligtenberg" was a bird of the same premium as the "Dolle". Dolle's mother was H63-306428, named Möder Dollé.

She was a rare sweet little dove with dark purple eyes. She was bred from the best works of Van Agtmaal and is closely associated with the world famous "500".


The best long-range pigeon like "Dollle" never had. At many champion nurseries, this magic bird was at the core and still guarantees the main performances in the international pigeon sport.

1. International Narbonne         

1. National Limoges       

1. National Perpignan   

1. National Barcelona   

1. National Barcelona   

1. National Argenton    

1. National St. Vincent 

1. International Agen   

1. National Brive             

1. National Pau

1. National St. Vincent 

1. National Tours            

1. National Limoges       

1. International Pau      

1. National Carentan     

1. National Agen             

1. National Perpignan   

1. International St. Vincent        

1. National Barcelona   

1. National Orange        

1. National Pau

1. National Perpignan   

1. National Narbonne   

1. National Champion   

1. National Barcelona   

1. National Ace Pigeon 

1. National St. Vincent 

1. National Barcelona   

1. Internat. Krasnodon

1. National Agen             

1. National Montelimar               

1. National Agen             

On the side of his mother, “Vlekje” was the grandson of the “Dolle” itself. Moreover, “Vlekje” is very similar to “Dolle”. First of all, it concerns not only color, but also the relation of character. Will, energetic and dominant in the attic, like "Dolle".

These characteristics, along with superb performances as a sports pigeon and bird chick, made the “Vlekje” strain of Van Gil the most popular long-distance pigeon in the world. Large amounts of money were offered for Vlekje many times, but this bird was not for sale. In a general auction of all the pigeons from the attic of Van Gil in 1989, Vlekje was sold for good money in Masarella and in the United Kingdom.

The father of "Vlekje" was NL79 / 1445731, named "Vader Vlekje", the father of the world "Vlekje", the automobile winner of Dax 1984. He was brought up from "Blauwe Witpen" x "Barcelona Hen". Blauwe Witpen was a pure Dolle inbreed product, and Barcelona Duivin was derived from the line of the legendary Spin of the late Jef van Wanroy.


You can also read the legendary pigeons of the race Jef van Wanroy on our website by clicking the corresponding button that says Jef van Wanroy.

Treasurer Stamp Jan Aarden


There are many nurseries who found fame based on Jan Aarden's pigeons, although most of these lofts have excellent birds, hardly anyone kept Jan Aarden's pigeons clean, Machiel Buijk's kennels are a rare exception.

Almost all of these kennels are very beautiful pigeons, but 99% of them intersect with other strains that are different from the pure Jan Aarden strain.


In the breeding nurseries of Machiel Buijk in Holland there are only pure pigeons by Jan Aarden, of excellent quality and outstanding spectacle, which is admired by all who see them. And they are bred on the best lines of the world-famous stamp Marijn van Geel.

Machiel Buijk, began to dream of pigeons in 1970. He was born and still lives in the outskirts of Steenbergen, a small town where Jan Aarden and many of his successors lived, and from the very beginning of his career Machiel Buijk was fascinated by long-distance pigeons.

When he was 18, Machiel Buijk fell in love with his wife Mimi, but at the same time he fell in love with the beautiful strong pigeons Jan Aarden, and he needed only the best pigeons of the race Jan Aarden that he could find.

A favorite of pigeons for 10 years, Machiel Buijk began working in pigeon magazines in Belgium and Holland. In those days, he visited many nurseries in Europe and bought many excellent pigeons from different champions, since Machiel Buijk wanted only the best pigeons.


Jan Aarden he bought them from several nurseries, such as Antoon Aarden, Lazeroms, Sprenkels, Vroegindeweij, Van der Wegen and the last from Marijn van Geel from Nieuw Vossemeer. Machiel Buijk was from a younger generation than famous long-distance champions, but this did not prevent him from visiting them many times.


Over the years, Machiel Buijk studied Jan Aarden pigeon races and found out that Marijn van Geel pigeons were the best and purest Jan Aarden pigeons of all. Marijn van Geel not only achieved the best results in 1000 km races (621 miles), but his pigeons won first place among many other kennels.


For long-distance races there were no better pigeons than Marijn van Geel and Machiel Buijk decided that in order for the Jan Aarden strain to be clean in the future, it had to form a colony of these pigeons, they were all straight from the nursery of Marijn van Geel. At that time it was really difficult to buy these pigeons, because many wanted exactly these pigeons.


When Machiel Buijk was still a young guy, Marijn van Geel watched how he grows, how much he likes pigeons Marijn van Geel, he not only sold him a few pigeons, but also taught him throughout the years about the Jan Aarden strain.


Machiel Buijk’s favorite pigeons have always been the “Dolle” line, not only for perfect long-distance results, but even more due to the unique breeding eyes of this bird. "Dolle" turned out to be one of the best breeding birds of the Jan Aarden strain.

"Dolle" is, without a doubt, the best dove for long distances. "Dolle" participated in 17 long-distance races and won 17 prizes.

The great "Dolle" died in 1985 at the age of eighteen.

The number of proven “Dolle” super-pigeons with blood in their veins is magnificent, and at that time Machiel Buijk had 13 children from “Dolle” in his attic, more than anyone had seen. Also in his attic were 14 children of the famous "Vlekje", the automobile winner from Daks. "Vlekje" was the grandson of "Dolle".


Unfortunately, in 1983, Marijn van Geel died, and from all over the world there were requests to buy the entire colony of Marijn van Geel. However, his wife Martha van Geel decided to go to the race and breed the birds on their own. In the following years, Machiel Buijk became a Martha van Geel man, as she knew that her husband taught this young man well, and she constantly asked Machiel Buijk for his advice.


Machiel Buijk became her pigeon nursery manager and in this capacity advised, paired and selected racing and breeding pigeons, to continue working Marijn van Geel. His payment was not money, but pigeons from the best breeders and boat riders of Van Geel.


In February 1989, Martha van Geel decided to sell all of its old pigeons. Machiel Buijk has compiled a sales catalog, since no one knew about the Van Geel family to prepare this catalog. Machiel Buijk was also an auctioneer, and the sale of 168 pigeons brought the world record. The pigeons were sold for 770,000 Dutch guilders in recognition of the life of Marijn van Geel.


At this point, in the attic of Machiel Buijk, there were already 140 original Marijn van Geel pigeons, bred only from the best racers and breeders, and therefore the Marijn van Geel strain was saved in the future. For years, Machiel Buijk had over 300 original Marijn van Geel pigeons in his attic, and he nurtured them like gold nuggets, but at the same time he did not hesitate to destroy the pigeons before reaching his high standards.


Previously, even the children from "Dolle", "Lange" and "Vlekje" ended their careers in the wastebasket, and only because they did not meet the high standards set by Machiel Buijk, and he eliminated more than 50% of the 300 direct birds Marijn van Geel


Only pigeons bred from the best pigeons Marijn van Geel and moreover, with the pure blood characteristics of this strain Jan Aarden, were allowed to stay and applying these standards, Machiel Buijk saved Marijn van Geel strain from complete destruction.

Machiel Buijk was very successful with pigeons Marijn van Geel, and he proved once again how valuable the Marijn van Geel strain is.

In his career, Machiel Buijk has won many important provincial races, such as St. Vincent, Chateauroux, Tours, La Souterainne and Limoges. All of these races have distances from 600 to 1000 kilometers (372 miles to 621 miles), and each time the victory was won against the thousands of pigeons of the best lovers of Holland.


Also, Machiel Buijk was crowned as the champion of the first year of the famous Zuidwesthoek, undoubtedly the most prestigious in the province for long-distance competitions in the Netherlands.


Many pigeon breeders have achieved great success with pigeons obtained in the kennel Machiel Buijk.

Because of his business commitments, Machiel Buijk does not have much time for other things, as he works with pigeons every day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year, sports pigeons are his life.

In his nursery in Hoogerheide, the most important goal is the breeding of Jan Aarden pigeons. Machiel Buijk knows more than anyone that it’s not at all easy to breed Jan Aarden pigeons and keep them as they were in the 1960s. Of course, over 40 years of experience is a big job for him, and that is why he succeeds in this.


Many times, rich amateurs have acquired pigeons for the Jan Aarden Machiel Buijk collection, but Machiel knows that his colony of pigeons Marijn van Geel is the last and most unique nursery of Jan Aarden in the world, so he decided to save it for the future and at the same time save Marijn van Geel’s life .


To own this thoroughbred valuable quality for Machiel Buijk is very important. And many visitors from all over the world visited the breeding nurseries at Hoogerheide and were unanimous that a collection like this is rare and of extraordinarily high quality.

Of course, there are lovers who are owned by several typical Jan Aarden pigeons, but we cannot compare it with the pigeons at the Machiel Buijk breeding nursery, where dozens of these birds are a guarantee of a future Jan Aarden stamp.


These birds have perfect bodies, velvet feathers, long flexible muscles and the most fantastic imaginable colored eyes, ranging from green to golden and from purple to chestnut brown.


Jan Aarden's pigeons still live in all their glory thanks to the passion of Machiel Buijk, a perfectionist who always tries to breed the birds of the best quality, breeder pigeons for long distances.Machiel Buijk is a very respected international pigeon breeder whose goal is to breed the best long-range sport pigeon stamps in the world.

Piet de Weerd wrote:

Marijn van Geel's world-famous race, Jan Aarden, is selected for endurance. Super pigeons that stand out in difficult times.

These pigeons are almost always the best producers.
It is also the pigeons that are easiest to cross with other races of pigeons.

Those who want to build or strengthen a pedigree will get good results with the pigeons of the race Marijn van Geel. It is not difficult to breed good pigeons, if you start with the best.

The purest breed is Jan Aarden ...
May give new impetus to your base of sports pigeons. Make your pigeons stronger, tougher for long distance competitions. This opportunity is offered to you.

Machiel Buijk advises buyers to cross Jan Aarden pigeon races with other lines. The proposed pigeons are sealed and should not be bred at random. Inbreed pigeons are very important for breeding. Practice has proven this many times.

Practice has also shown that you can make winners from Jan Aarden pigeons crossed with other races.

NL-67-2052951, "Dolle"

Machiel Buijk had 13 sons and daughters of "Dolle" in his dovecote.

The two most important were:
NL-78-2151279, "Son Dolle"
NL-80-6329953, "Daughter Dolle"

Machiel Buijk had a hundred "Dolle" grandchildren and granddaughters.

10 most important:
NL-90-2767813, "Goldeye Dolle"
NL-91-2470742, "Miss Dolle"
NL-94-1651782, "Lichte Dolle"
NL-94-1651697, "Goudoog Dolle"
NL-94-1651476, "Bookmark и
NL-94-1651477, "Schone Dolle"
NL-94-1651700, "Dolle Kuif"
NL-94-1651701, "Kweker Dolle"
NL-94-1651500, "500

In our kennel there are sports pigeons of the famous race Jan Aarden, which we purchased directly from Machiel Buijk. And so anyone can buy pigeons of the race Jan Aarden from these manufacturers.

It will be possible to look into our shop, where the pigeons of this race are represented, as well as other popular races of sports pigeons. Or you can write to us for pre-ordering the purchase of sports pigeons or pushers from famous parents.


"Dolle" - the most famous dove Jan Aarden of all time.

Due to its outstanding performance and special value of the shares, "Dolle" has become the best distant pigeon in the world.


This can undoubtedly be regarded as the bird that stood at the base of the Jan Aarden stamp of the 1970s and 1980s. The number of pigeons tested with the blood of the "Dolle" passing through their veins is huge now. Dolle died in 1985, at eighteen, in the attic of Marijn van Geel.


It was a typical Jan Aarden dove with beautiful chestnut brown eyes and silky feathers, characteristics that are transmitted by the bird to its descendants.In 1975, "Dolle" was transferred to a tribal nursery and was intended to stay there.In the meantime, she won a car for her owner and created an impressive result. During her career, "Dolle" participated in competitions 17 times and therefore won 17 prizes in distance racing.

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2016      Kees Droog

2016      Lei Martens

2016      Freialdenhofen & Sohne

2016      Gavin Duggan

2016      Tekin Mevlut

2016      Alan Holdaway

2016      Gijs Baan

2016      Peet en Paloma Solle

2016      Alain Dermonne

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2015      Ryszard Szewczyk

2015      H-J & Frank Eszer

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Jan Aarden "De Dolle"
Jan Aarden "Vlekje"

Machiel Buijk