Sports Pigeons of Russia

Sports Pigeons of Russia

In 2004, Gerard Koopman surprised the world with the middle distance "Miss Waalre", which won two big prizes from Ruffec and St.Vincent within three weeks. Gerard gained a taste for these races and wanted to focus more on Grand Distance. To this end, he bought pigeons from Heremans-Hoekstra, Cor de Heide, Jan Theelen and Anton van Haaren (van Wanroy). Of course, we must not forget the two children of "Miss Waalre."


Miss Waalre was sold to Japan. “Maybe it would be better if I held it longer,” says Gerard, but everything is done. In 2006, year-old long-distance pigeons were trained and participated in only a few one-day long-distance races, where some of them showed their value.


In 2007, these pigeons debuted at Extreme Distance. They sat in the same kennel as the pigeons, during a one-day long-distance flight, and received the same preparations, which meant that they were in the basket every week, starting with the first sprint race. They were also fed the same way as one-day pigeons over long distances. Seventeen two-year-olds received their first baptism in the NPO race from Limoges, which quickly led to 9th place at Ceefax and 10 prizes. Very satisfactory debut.

Gerard continues: “I did not know the quality of these pigeons, and I decided to make the 9th basket for St. Vincent. The result is well known. It was a really fast race, and we worked in the mornings at 4.51 and 5.49 mornings. This resulted in the 1st and 8th Nationals as a result against at least 25.807 pigeons and seven of the nine pigeons that landed in prizes.


I did not expect such a good result. I think I became too self-confident when I collected 3 such pigeons for Barcelona. Only one returned to the nursery. ” Long-distance year-old pigeons studied the same way as in 2006, bearing in mind that all of them had to take part in the National München race as the final race. Very slow race, as a result of which Gerard had three pigeons in the evening.


For 2008, a team of 40 pigeons are ready for a long distance (3-year, 2-year and one-year). This year they will fly from a sports kennel, which is also used for a one-day long distance, where they will again receive the same care. “Over the next few years, I have to figure out which of the best combinations come from good pigeons. These are the years of the process. I bought new pigeons for long distances, the most important of which is “De Witneus” from Harrie en Roger Wijnands. I'm going to seriously concentrate on long-distance over the next few years, but, of course, it must remain manageable. Average Distance remains my first choice!

The great strength in the Koopman kennel still lies, of course, in day-long pigeons over long distances. They easily interbreed with other good pigeons, and these pigeons are rapidly racing around the world. Gerard adds: “I am fully aware of the power of my own old pigeons and try to keep them as long as possible.


In my experience, good sporting pigeons also turn out to be good producers. Most good sporting pigeons fall into the breeding bay after two years. In addition, I am still looking for other first-class pigeons to cross with my old pigeons. I am still critical of pigeons, which are then produced. To breed real super is still very difficult. In 2007, I had a huge failure when my most popular little dove, the Annelies, died. She was a full-fledged sister "Kleine Dirk".


Fortunately, in 2007 we also found the qualities of “Marijke”, the dove, which I bought from Marijke Vink and which comes from my own Aladin 'x' Farah Diba from Marijke Vink (in turn, the daughter of the older couple of 'Tips' x' Geschelpt Kannibaaltje '. From' Marijke 'I bred' Varella 'and' Doran ', respectively, the 1st national pigeon in the middle distance, Eendaagse Fondspiegel 2007 and 1st NPO Orleans 2007 against 9,670 pigeons. I hope I bought a new Golden mine.'

Gerard Koopman with his latest acquisition of Harrie and Roger Wijnands 'De Witneus'. This "Witneus" raced at least four times in the National Top Ten over long distances. Gerard tied him up with Antje, the super pigeon from Roelof Scholtens from Veendam, who won 1st National Bergerac in sector 4 in 2006 and 1st NPO Limoges in 2007.

In 2007 it was just SUPER.
He no longer participates in racing for championships, the only thing that matters is glowing in one-day long-distance races. Since 2007, several long-distance races have been added. This means that the drugs are completely dependent on these races. I will go into details in "Night at a Long Distance."

NL 05-5533117 “Doran”, which won in 2007, included the 1st NPO Orleans against 9,670 pigeons and 13 minutes before the end!
Her father is Mr Expensive, the full brother of 'Den Dromer' from De Rauw-Sablon.
Mother - Marijke 'from Marijke Vink. She hails from Aladin, the son of Kleine Dirk x Farahdiba, the daughter of the first pair of Tips x Geschelpt Kannibaaltje.


Highlights in 2007
1st and 8th national St.Vincent 25.807 pigeons (total Dutch result)
1st and 9th NPO Orleans 9.670 pigeons
2nd - 5th and 8th NPO Chantilly 13.008 pigeons
2nd - 7th - 8th - 9th and 10th NPO Ofenburg 6,774 pigeons.
1st National Ace pigeon middle distance one day long distance 2007 'Varella'
2nd National Ace pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2007 'Zina'
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance

1st National St. Vincent 2007 against 25.807 pigeons.
Her father is 'Milko', a son of 'Den Dromer' from De Rauw-Sablon x and the legendary 'Miss Waalre'.
Mother 'Miss Maniwan' - 'Miss Nellie' from Hermans-Hoekstra from Waalre. She leaves 'Barcelona 85' (2nd Golden Barcelona Dove 2001-2002-2004) and then from the Klamper line from Cor de Heide x line '10' Jan Theelen.

1st National Ass-Pigeon Medium Distance Eendaagse Fondspiegel 2007 with the following performances: 68th Chantilly against 13,008 pigeons. - 138th Orleans against 9,670 pigeons. - 142nd Blois vs. 5,277 pigeons. and the 31st Offenburg against 6,774 pigeons. In 2007, Varella received 10 prizes out of 12 times when she was in competition. When she was small, she did not train with everyone, but was introduced only for the "taartvluchten" from North Veluwe and was trained by Gerard himself!

Her father is Jason, Branco's half brother and Miss Wonderfull. "Jason", in turn, is the son of Louis 'and' Queen of the Netherlands. Mother "Varella" - "Marijke". She was bought from Marijke Vink. The father of Marijke is Aladin, the direct son of the legendary Kleine Dirk from C. & G. Koopman.

Mother - Farah Diba, 1st national one-day inter-ethnic commander of 2003. She goes to the top-pair “Tips 'x' Geschelpt Kannibaaltje”. Nb. Here is a photo of “Zina”, the 2nd National Asa-Pigeon One-Day Intercity NPO 2007, with the following performances: 2nd Chantilly against 13.008 pigeons. - 9th Orleans against 9,670 pigeons. and the 21st Blois against 5.277 pigeons. Her father is Deng Lin's Favorit, which already won the 1st NPO Ablis against 10.609 pigeons and the 8th NPO Sourdun against 13.426 pigeons. He leaves "Kleine Engels" from J. & J. Engels and "Miss Putte" from van Hove-Uytterhoeven.

Mother “Zina” - “Annelies”, who, unfortunately, died in 2007, a full-fledged sister “Kleine Dirk” and the best racer of the kennel Koopman. She was born from a pair of "'Gentil" "x" Golden Lady ".

Despite the theft of his pigeons, Gerard Koopman sees 2008 vigorous. After a period when he was not very motivated, he again looks forward to the future. He feels good. Most of this depends on fine teamwork with other members of the Kjeld Spithoven and André Leideman team. A new beautiful nursery is finished and will be used for young people this year.


There is no doubt about that, we will hear a lot about the Koopman team in 2008. And the first sensational news came with a wonderful second place for the Koopman team in the prestigious million dollar race that just took place in South Africa. Their dove, 'J.D. Action 'won there at least $ 120,000!

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