Sports Pigeons of Russia

Sports Pigeons of Russia

Günter Prange
Jef van Wanroy
De Rauw - Sablon
Jan Aarden "De Dolle" Machiel Buijk
C & G Koopman

On this site, we decided to present the history of some famous pigeon breeders their life, achievements in pigeon sport and of course pigeons. It is they who talk about the fact that it is necessary to start breeding sports pigeons with good linear purebred pigeons.

We are breeding purebred linear sports pigeons of the races: Jan Aarden, Andreas Drapa, Günter Prange, C&G Koopman, Jef van Wanroy and Frank Scherens & Louis Vangramberen. These famous races are our basis for those pigeons that fly in competitions.

Louis Vangramberen & Frank Shearing

"Dolle" - the most famous dove Jan Aarden of all time.

Due to its outstanding performance and special value of the shares, "Dolle" has become the best distant pigeon in the world.

This can undoubtedly be regarded as the bird that stood at the base of the Jan Aarden stamp of the 1970s and 1980s. The number of pigeons tested with the blood of the "Dolle" passing through their veins is huge now. Dolle died in 1985, at eighteen, in the attic of Marijn van Geel.

Jan Aarden

The van Wanroy strain in China is also known as the J.B. strain. Hendriks (named after Ben’s father), who made this strain widely known all over the world, especially winning the 1980 International Barcelona race, the lead edition! At one of the largest distances (1240 km), the winning dove reached a speed of 986 meters per minute.

Jef van Wanroy

Louis Vangramberen 

   & Frank Shearing

C & G Koopman

Günter Prange

Andreas Drapa

Finally he reached his ultimate goal! What is the goal? The reader could ask himself, while insiders already know the answer. Günter Prange wanted to win Gouden Duif 6 times, and now he has achieved this goal. Our warmest congratulations on this excellent achievement. Six nominations and 33 points were his winning score. In fact, in 2013, Günther only raced for Gouden Duif. And how he managed to achieve this success, we will inform you about the following.

In 2004, Gerard Koopman surprised the world with the middle distance "Miss Waalre", which won two big prizes from Ruffec and St.Vincent within three weeks. Gerard gained a taste for these races and wanted to focus more on Grand Distance. To this end, he bought pigeons from Heremans-Hoekstra, Cor de Heide, Jan Theelen and Anton van Haaren (van Wanroy). Of course, we must not forget the two children of "Miss Waalre."Miss Waalre was sold to Japan.

"Criticism is like a carrier pigeon: it always comes back." -  Dale Carnegie

"It seems to some that pigeons bring letters, and they return home." - Vadim Sinyavsky

In his career, Louis Vangramberen has never been a man who rested on his laurels. His mentor in pigeon sports was Stan Raeymakers. They were also pigeons from this gold mine, which laid the first stone in the active Brieftaubenkariere Louis Vangramberen and Georges Vanroosendae. The main pigeons were Chanel and José. At this time was 1st national Bourges, 1 was won by Gouden Vleugel Barcelona and only 48 first prizes from 100 to 1000 km, only in 1995.

Andreas Drapa: Quality pigeons "Made in Germany"
Andreas Drapa is a phenomenon! He has achieved countless spectacular results during his Pigeon sport career and without doubt he is probably the best German pigeon fancier of all times!

To explain all his results would be like carrying coals to Newcastle, absolutely. He has won everything existing in the pigeon world. Seven times he became the German champion!

We are glad to welcome you on our website and we hope that everyone will find here interesting information. You can also not only see photos of sports pigeons, but also purchase a sports pigeon in our store.



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